Sculpture Open Studio Days Event

3rd edition, Bucharest, April 2019

In the following weekends 13-14 and 20-21 of April 2019, between 12:00-20:00, we invite you to visit studios in Bucharest, where you’ll have the opportunity to socialize with artists specialized in sculpture. You’ll be able to see tools and materials that are used for the creation of sculptures, mini-sculpture exhibitions but also live demonstrations that illustrate how to materialize an idea. Furthermore, the exhibition ’Sculpture works from the Open Studios Days’, that is held at the National Theatre I.L. Caragiale in the Media Room – Tudor Arghezi Wing, starting on the 11th of April 2019, 19:00, offers a preview of the spaces that will be available to visit.

The artists expecting you in their personals studios this weekend, 20-21 of April: Giani Iosif Amarandei, Cătălin Bădărău, Alin Carpen, Alexandru Căzănaru, Titi Ceara, Elena Gheorghe, Eugen Ilina, Ionel Istoc, Ioan Ladea, Jorge Mafu, Andrei Marina, Ioan Medruţ, Bianca Mann, Constantin Mîrzea, Dan Munteanu, Dumitru Pasima, Adrian Pîrvu, Cristian Pentelescu, Ana Zoe Pop, Elena Surdu Stănescu, Nicolae Stoica, Ovidiu Toader, Marian Zidaru and Victoria Zidaru.





With the occasion of the Open Studios events programm, we offer you a series of meetings in group or individual with professional plastic artists-painters, graphic artists, sculptors or artists specialized in decorative arts. Besides organizing events dedicated to a larger audience, we also give you the opportunity to meet the artist directly in his studio, ensuring you direct and free access to the event.


The Open Art Studios application guides you through the most important visual artists' studios in Bucharest and its surroundings! The application aims to connect the artists and their art with the public, during the open studios events.

Download the app for free: 

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April 20-21

Sculpture open studios, first weekend, open between 12:00-20:00!

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