Lucian Butucariu, Glass
Adela Bonat, Ceramics
Marian Zidaru, Sculpture
Costel Iacob, Sculpture-Metal Work
David Leonid Olteanu, Ceramics-Glass
Catalin Hrimiuc, Glass
Ana Zoe Pop, Sculpture



Fire Arts Days Second Edition zilele artelor focului bucuresti ateliere net contemporanii ZAF 2


Bucharest, 12/13 - 19/20 Nov 2016


Seventeen visual artists opened their creation spaces to the Bucharest public, places with a special resonance, where ideas are born and are transpose in artworks, through the artistry of the fire's dominion: Ciprian ARICIU (ceramics), Lucian BUTUCARIU (glass), Maria CIOATA (ceramics), Cristina CIOBANU (ceramics), Misha DIACONU (metal), Daniela FAINIS (ceramics), Marian GHEORGHE (metal), Catalin HRIMIUC (glass), Calin MUSAT (metal), Costel IACOB (metal), Ileana Dana MARINESCU (metal), Nicolae MOLDOVAN, (ceramics), David Leonid OLTEANU (ceramics-glass), Catalin OANCEA (metal), Ileana OANCEA (metal), Victor Olivier SARARU (glass-metal), Iulian VIRTOPEANU (ceramics).






The Open Studios Art Tour Bucharest Application was realized with the intention to facilitate the experience of the connection with the artist, art itself and the studio, to give the chance for a direct perception of the space and the way ideas are coming to life. Whether they are painters, sculptors, ceramists, glass or metal or tapestry artists, each of them has his unique expression and in the same time, he may surprise through the way he can handle or reinvent the craft, which he had embraced. We hope that this instrument of connection with Artists Studios may generate a series of interesting meetings full of beauty and may complete in a happy way the participations at the standard exhibitions organized by the art galleries.

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