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Marilena PREDA SANC (b. 1955, Bucharest), visual artist specialized in painting. In 1980 she graduated from the ”Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts Bucharest. Since 2002, she has a PhD in visual arts. Currently she is a professor at the National University of Arts in Bucharest. Between 2008 - 2012 she served as president of the Painting Branch of the Romanian Artists Union in Bucharest. She is chief editor of ”Contrapunct” Magazine, co-editor of ”Forma” Magazine - UAP Deva, is a member of AICA (International Association of Critics of Art), member of the ARFA (Romanian Association of Women of Art),  CNCSIS expert (2005-2007), AFCNexpert (2007-2008), ARACIS expert (2008-2010). Since 1980 she has been working on painting, mural, drawing, object, photo intervention, art books, body art, land art, video installation, performance, video, multimedia, CD-ROM. She participates in numerous national and international exhibitions. Publishes volumes and articles in specialized journals on digital image and contemporary urban art.



2002 - PhD in Visual Arts

1980 - ”Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts, Bucharest


Professor at the National University of Arts in Bucharest

President of the UAP - Romanian Painting Branch, Bucharest  (2008-2012)

Chief Editor - ”Contrapunct” Magazine

Co-editor - ”Forma” Magazine, UAP Deva

AICA Member (International Critics Association)

Founder member ARFA (Romanian Women's Art Association)

CNCSIS Expert (2005-2007), AFCN Expert (2007-2008), ARACIS Expert (2008-2010)

Awards and grants:

2010 - Certificate of Merit awarded by the Faculty of Arts and Design, Timisoara

2008 - ”Mihail Grecu” Prize for Painting, UAP Moldova

2004 - ”Cultural Merit” Order

1998 - ArtsLink Fellowship, New York, USA

1997 - Artist in residence Kultur Kontakt

1996 - 3rd prize for painting ”Habitat” awarded by U.N.D.P.

1993 - ”Amici del Pomero” Certificate

1988 - Best Group Exhibition Award, JUNIJ - ”Photo Moon in Paris”

1986 - Painting camp, Kazanluk, Bulgaria

1986, 1983 - ”Amici Del Pomero” Medal 

1982 - Studio 35 Painting Prize

1980 - Certificate of Merit at the graduation of the Academy of Art

1978 - ”Ion Andreescu” Scholarship

Personal exhibitions:

2015 - ”Calling Earth Back to Art”, Calina Gallery - Contemporary Art Space, Timisoara

2015 - ”But It's Got Too Cold”, Eastwards Prospectus Gallery, Bucharest

2014 - ”Crossing Worlds”, FIVE PLUS Gallery, Vienna

2012 - ”Image Mechanisms”, Contemporary Art Gallery of the Brukenthal National Museum, Sibiu

2012 - ”Liberty in the Labyrinth”, Cluj-Napoca Art Museum

2012 - ”Between Worlds”, Residence of the Romanian Ambassador & Hotel Marriott, Copenhagen, Denmark

2011 - ”Liberty in the Labyrinth”, Arcade Gallery 24, Bistrita

2010 - ”La Ciudad”, painting - video, Art Gallery, Embassy of Romania, Madrid

2008 - ”Urban Structures”, Intermedia Exhibition, Calina Gallery, Timisoara

2007 - ”Urban Landscape”, Painting, Intermedia Exhibition, Studio D.V.O. Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium

2006 - ”Urban Landscape / Globalization / Flying Souls”, Intermedia Exhibition, Romanian Cultural Institute, Paris, France

2005 - ”Paintings”, Goethe Institute, Sibiu

2003 - ”Inside the Living”, Intermedia exhibition, Studio D.V.O., Brussels, Belgium

2000 - ”The Globe”, intermedia exhibition, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

1998 - ”State of Reality”, drawing / photo / video, East-West Gallery, Roman Cultural Center, New York, USA

1997 - ”Video presentation”, Kultur Kontakt, Vienna

1995 - ”About Old Age”, photo-video installation, GAD Gallery, Bucharest

1993 - ”Painting - Drawing”, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Bucharest

1992 - ”Roving”, painting / drawing / object, Engraving Museum, Bistrita

1990 - ”Body-Landscape”, painting / drawing / artist's book, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

1983 - ”Space Built”, painting / drawing / object, Very Small Theater Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

1980 - ”Painting / Drawing”, Amphitheater Gallery, Bucharest

Group exhibitions:

2016 - ”The plastic sign between image and text”, Art galleries, Focsani, Vrancea

2015 - ”Vienna contemporary” International Art Fair, Marx Halle, Vienna, Austria

2014 - ”Grounds”, 6th edition, Constantin Brancusi Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest

2013 - ”Meeting Point”, International Biennale of Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Delta Art Gallery, Arad

2012 - ”The Poetics of Politics”, Galeria Propaganda, Warsaw

2011 - ”Contemporary Syntheses - Romanian Art”, Constantin Brancusi Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest

2010 - ”Idila / Idyll”, Romanian-Austrian exhibition, Studio 030202 Gallery, Bucharest

2009 - ”BODY, The Body as Contemporary Cultural Project. Theoretical Challenges, Artistic Remarks ”, Center of Visual Arts, Bucharest

2008 - ”Perspective 2008 - a contemporary feminist art project”, Anaid Gallery, Bucharest

2007 - ”Bukarest - Budapest HID Collection Hunya Gabor”, Gallery Bartok 32 & Szállás Szálloda, Budapest, Hungary

2006 - ”Sequences I”, Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest

2005 - ”Studio D.V.O. presente ses artistes ”, Fayla Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium

2004 - ”Romanian artists (and not only) love Ceausescu 'Palace?!”, Digital print, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania

2003 - ”Nuit blanche de la Video”, La Chafferie, Strasbourg, France

2001 - ”Other 1st of March”, video,Transit House, Cluj

2000 - ”In Full Dress”, Brukenthal Museum, Sibiu, Romania and Kultur Contact Austria

1999 - ”Artistes de Bucarest a La Louviere”, ”Idel Iankelevici” Museum, Belgium

1998 - ”New Moves”, video festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

1997 - ”Bucharest Nach'89”, video theater installation, Ludwig Museum, Aachen, Germany

1996 - ”AnnART”, Live Art - Performance, Sf. Gheorghe, Romania

1995 - ”In Sigh: Media Art from the Middle of Europe”, YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto, Canada

1994 - ”Naturally”, video installation, Ernst Museum, Budapest, Hungary

1993 - ”Today's Romanian Artists at the House of Latin America”, Bucharest, Romania

1992 - ”10 Romanian Painters”, Lisbon, Portugal

1991 - ”Light, Water, Color”, Art Gallery, Oradea, Collection Museum, Bucharest, Romania

1989 - ”IX Bienal Internacional de Arte”, Valparaiso, Chile

1988 - ”Internacional de Poesia Visual de Sao Paulo”, Brazil

1988, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1983 - International Impact Art Festival, International Art Center of Kyoto, Japan

1981 - ”The Juan Miro Drawing Contest”, Bacelona, ​​Spain

Works in public collections from: Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, USA, Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, Romania