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Mirela HAGIU (b. 1963, Bucharest), visual artist specialized in graphic arts. In 1985 she graduated from the ”Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts Bucharest, Professor Octav Grigorescu’s class. Since 1990 she has been a member of the Romanian Artists Union. It has an impressive exhibition activity both in the country and abroad. Book Illustration: 1998 - ”Sturdy prince and the beautiful lady”, by Nicolae Cojocaru, Ion Creanga Publishing House, Bucharest; 1989 - ”Below the blue sky” by Vasile Preda, Ion Creanga Publishing House, Bucharest; 1994 - ”Charmed Swan - Swedish Tales” by Dorin Iancu, Junior Club Publishing House. Works in public and private collections: The Art Museum in Ploiesti; Art Museum in Constanta; ”Simian House” Museum, Valcea; Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest; The Romanian Foreign Ministry; The Parliament Palace of Romania; BRD Societe Generale, Romania; MobiFon Bucharest.