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Vasile POP-NEGRESTEANU (b. 1955, Negresti-Oas, Satu Mare County) visual artist specialized in painting. In 1980 he graduated from the "Nicolae Grigorescu" Institute of Fine Arts, Bucharest, the Department of Monumental Art and Restoration, class of Prof. Vasile Celmare and Prof. Nicolae Groza. Since 1984 he has been a member of the Romanian Artists Union. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and art salons, both in the country and abroad, where he had won numerous awards. His works are in public and private collections from: Romania, Argentina, England, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Greece, USA, Israel, Turkey and Cyprus.

1980 - "Nicolae Grigorescu" Institute of Fine Arts Bucharest, Monumental Art and Restoration Department, class of Professors Vasile Celmare and Nicolae Groza

1984 - Member of the Romanian Artists Union

2016 - "Corneliu Antim" Prize, "Ion Andreescu" International Biennale, 10th edition, Buzau
2012 - Prize of the Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture, "Ion Andreescu" Biennial, 8th edition, Buzau
2002 - "La tellacia d'oro", 5th prize, International Art Exhibition, Turin, Italy
2000 - "Premio Roma", Gallery "Il Collezionista", Roma, Italia
1999 - "Corneliu Baba" Prize for Painting, "Nicolae Tonita" Contemporary Art Contest, Barlad;
1994 - 1st Prize, Ex Libris José Martí, House of Latin America, Bucharest
1984 - 1st Prize, National Exhibition of Youth Art

Solo exhibitions:
2018 - "Stories from Tara Oasului", Visual Arts Center, Bucharest / Satu Mare
2018 - "Significant phantasmagoria", County Museum, Satu Mare
2017 - "Signs from the hope chest", Cotroceni National Museum, Bucharest
2007 - Pardalera Gallery, Elne, France
2005 - Baku Art Gallery, Bucharest
2004 - Cultural Center of the Ministry of Interior, Bucharest
2003 – Vernescu House, Bucharest
2002 - "Bunavestire Art", Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
2000 - Satu Mare County Museum / National Art Museum Cluj Napoca / Museum of Archeology and History Zalau / Maramures Museum, Sighetul Marmatiei
1999 - "Point, Line, Surface, Colour", Museum of History and Archeology, Baia Mare
1997 - Parliament Palace, Bucharest
1997 - "Drawing, Watercolor, Tempera, Pastel", AR'TEI Gallery, Bucharest
1995 - Art Museum of Baia Mare, Maramures
1995 - Art Gallery of Tara Oasului Museum, Negresti-Oas, Satu Mare
1994 - Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

Group exhibitions (selection):
2018 - "Bibliophile book and object book", Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest
2018 - "A century of Romanian History", Cultural Center for UNESCO "N. Balcescu", Bucharest
2017 - "Gold", National Center of Visual Arts, Bucharest
2017, 2016 - Medieval Art Salon, National Library of Bucharest
2017 - "Retrospective of contemporary Romanian painting Paris-Bucharest", Romanian Parliament, Bucharest.
2017, 2016 - National Painting Salon, Visual Arts Center, Bucharest
2016 - "Balchik", Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest
2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 - The annual religious art "Sacred Art, Creation and Restoration", National Library of Romania, Bucharest
2014 - "Famous Romanian artists amaze Bucharest", Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest
2011 - "Histories rewritten", National Museum of History, Bucharest
2010 - "Rhythms on White", Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest
2010, 2009 - Winter Salon, Sutu Palace, Bucharest
2009 - "Christian Breathing", Veroniki Art Gallery, Bucharest
2009 - "Medieval Itineraries", Orizont Gallery, Bucharest
2008 - Tradition and Postmodernity, Focsani Art Gallery and Bacau Art Museum
2008 - "Soleil de l'est. Contemporary Romanian Artists ", Sutu Palace, Bucharest
2006, 2005 - "Artists from Transylvania", Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
2004 - "La vie en rose", World Trade Center, Bucharest
2003 - "Lascar Vorel" National Biennale of Fine Arts, Piatra Neamt
2002 - "Autumn Light", World Trade Center, Bucharest
2002 - "Alternative", Dalles Hall, Bucharest
2001 - "The Child in Fine Art", Apollo Gallery, Bucharest
2000 - Contemporary Art Salon, Parliament Palace, Bucharest
1998 - Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Museum of Art, Buzau
1997 - "Interior essay", Art Museum, Satu Mare
1991 - "Confluences", Gala Gallery, Bucharest
1989 - "A Centenary with Eminescu", Dalles Hall, Bucharest

Works in public and private collections: Romania, Argentina, England, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Greece, USA, Israel, Turkey and Cyprus