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(b. 1973, Bucharest) visual artist specialized in painting and graphic arts. In 1998 she graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest, stage design department, professors Ion Popescu-Udriste and Niculae Ularu’s class. She is a member of the Romanian Artists Union, painting section. She has an impressive exhibition activity with participation in exhibitions organized both in the country and abroad. Works signed by Alina Gherasim can be found in private collections in Romania, Switzerland, Germany, England, Greece, USA.


1992 - 1998 - Academy of Arts Bucharest, Painting Department, Prof. Henry Mavrodin's class

                      Academy of Arts Bucharest, Scenography Department, Prof. Ion Popescu-Udrişte and Niculae Ularu's class

Personal exhibitions:

2015 - ”Faces and places”, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2013 - ”Architecture of the Garden”, Art House, Bucharest 

Group exhibitions - selection:

2017 - ”Azulejo, in the vision of Romanian artists”, Viana do Castelo, Portugal

2017 - Small Salon, Art House Gallery, Bucharest

2017 - Painting biennial from Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

2016 - Small Salon, Blur, Art House Gallery, Bucharest

2016 - ”Memory - Continuity - Marin Gherasim & Alina Gherasim”, Gallery RIVAA, ICR New York

2016 - ”Blouse Roumaine, Femme roumaine - 50 Contemporary Definitions”, Alter do Chao and Portalegre, ICR Lisbon organizer, Portugal

2015 - ”Drawing Pessoa. Masks of the Poet ”, Portalegre and Redondo, ICR Lisbon, Portugal

2015 - ”Home”, Focsani Art Galleries, Vrancea

2015 - ”Jardins, rostos, edificios” Exhibition Marin Gherasim - Alina Rizea Gherasim, ICR Lisbon, Portugal

2015 - ”Blouse Roumaine, Femme roumaine - 50 Contemporary Definitions”, ICR Lisbon, Portugal

2015 - ”Contemporaries in Portugal”, National Museum of the Union, Alba Iulia

2015 - ”National Painting Salon”, Art House, Bucharest

2015 - International Biennale of Painting, Graphics and Sculpture, Arad

2014 - Small Salon, Art House, Bucharest

2014 - ”Drawing Pessoa. Masks of the Poet ”, ICR Lisbon and Pessoa House, Portugal

2014 - International Biennale of Small Graphics, 2nd edition, Arad

2013 - ”Seduction of the Right Angle”, Art House, Bucharest

2013 - Arts in Bucharest, Art House, Bucharest

2013 - ”Gardens, Faces, Bricks”, Alina Rizea Gherasim - Marin Gherasim Exhibition, Calpe Gallery Timisoara and Forma Gallery Deva 

2013 - ”Meeting Point” - International Biennale of Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Arad

2012 - Meeting Point 3, ”Form - szigor - jelentés”, Pecs, Hungary

2012 - Arts in Bucharest, 3rd edition, Art House, Bucharest

2012 - International Biennale of Small Graphics, 1st edition, Arad

2012 - ”Art and sacredness”, Focsani Art Galleries, Vrancea

2011 - ”Meeting Point” - International Biennale of Painting, Graphics, Sculpture, Arad

2004 - ”Infanta”, 3/4 Floor Gallery, National Theater, Bucharest 

1999 - Frauenfeld, Switzerland

1998 - Bern, Switzerland

1996 - Apollo Gallery, Bucharest

1995 - The Municipal Art Salon, 3/4 Floor  Gallery, National Theater, Bucharest

1994 - Dominus Gallery, Bucharest

Works in collections from: Romania, Switzerland, Germany, England, Austria