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Crina Cranta (born 1986, Bucharest), ceramic artist with specialization in ceramic. In 2008 graduated from the University of Art, Bucharest. Between 2008 and 2010 followed master classes with specialization in ceramic at the National University and specialization in Art and Interior Design Arhitecture at Ion Mincu University.



2008/2010 Master degree in ceramics, Project: ,,Trails” -Bucharest National University

2008/2010 Teacher Training Module, University of History and Art Theory, Bucharest

2008/2010 Master degree in Art and Interior Design Arhitecture, Ion Mincu University of Arhitecture and Urbanism

2004/2005 Course of ambiental and multimedia installation, National University of Art, Bucharest

2004/2005 Licentiate of the National University of Art, section ceramics

2000/2004 High School of Plastic Arts “N. Tonitza”, Bucharest, 1 year of fashion design, 3 years of ceramics

Personal Projects

July 2011 Holography research

June 2010 Study of light

23 May 2009 Happening “Conceptual Clay”, Days of Open Gates Event at the Bucharest National University of Art

September 2006 “Gathering Point” project, land art and alternative communication, Dan’s Valley village, Moreni

February 2010 \"Becoming a president\", a short film in collaboration with Studio 438

January 2012 Decorative photo-ceramic

April 2012 Relational series

June 2015 Liberation - act show

Group Exhibitions

November 2008 “Surexpositions”, photography exhibition, Timisoara

May 2005 “City Brainwash”, group installation, Bucharest National University of Art

June 2006 Psycho-geographical maps and multimedia installations in the “Babel Project ”, Art Biennial 2 , Bucharest

June 2008 “Simbion”- Group exhibition of the licentiate absolvents, The Parliament Palace

March 2009 Group exhibition at the International Ceramics Symposium, Varna, Bulgaria

June 2010 “The Trails” Project at the Old Courtyard, group exhibition of the master students from the Bucharest National University Of Art

September 2010 The 11TH Edition of the Decorative Art Hall, Cotroceni Museum

December 2011 Decorative photo-ceramics, Hiberanal inside of the Platform Space at the Museum of Contemporary Art


October 2015 Bookbinding Workshop at the Creative Est Festival

July 2015 Calligraphy and painting Workshop, Waha Festival

June 2015 Bookbinding, mold and felt Workshop, Panatau, Buzau

May 2009 Conceptual Clay at National University of Art

May 2009 Clay Workshop, Cotroceni Museum

September 2008 The International Ceramics Symposium, Troyan, Bulgaria

June 2006 Land Art at PSYch OM Rebirth, Timisoara


2006 Honorable mention at the ,,Arthur Verona Street” contest , organized by Carturesti library

2003 3rd place at the Alliance Tiriac Bank painting contest

2002 2nd place at the “European Spring” contest (stencil, grafitti)