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Daniela FRUMUSANU (b. 1961, Bacau) visual artist specialized in tapestry - prints. In 1980 she graduated from Fine Arts High School in Bacau, specialization in tapestry - prints, Professor Elena Pârlea’s class and in 1984 she graduated from the ”Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts Bucharest, Faculty of Decorative Arts, specialization in tapestry - prints, Professor Ecaterina Teodorescu-Huma’s class. Since 2007 she has a PhD in Visual Arts, National University of Arts Bucharest. At present she is a associate professor at the National University of Arts, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, Department of Textile Arts and Textile Design, specialization in tapestry - prints. She has been a member of the Romanian Artists Union, Bucharest branch since 1991. Since 1998 she has won numerous awards, distinctions, nominations or other elements of recognition of scientific and artistic contributions.


2007 - Doctor of Visual Arts, National University of Arts Bucharest
1984 - „Nicolae Grigorescu” Institute of Fine Arts Bucharest, Tapestry – Prints Department, Professor Ecaterina Teodorescu-Huma’s class

2012 - Member of the Romanian Association of Outdoor Museums
2010 - Member of the Romanian Women's Association
2010 - Member of the Visarta Association
1991 - Member of the Romanian Artists Union

Awards (selection):
2018 - Textile Art Prize, ”Careu de Dame” Exhibition, 4th edition, ”Ion Neagoe” Gallery, Iasi
2018 - Processing Award, ”Dragobete Art.Ro” Exhibition, 6th edition, Victoria Gallery, Iasi
2017 - Prize for graphics, ”Identities from Iasi” Exhibition, 6th edition, ”Ion Neagoe” Gallery, Iasi
2017 - Prize for Decorative Arts, ”Aegyssus” National Biennial of Contemporary Art, 3rd edition, Tulcea
2017 - Mixed Technique Award, ”Careu de Dame” Exhibition, 3rd edition, ”Ion Neagoe” Gallery, Iasi
2016 - Mixed Technique Award, ”Winter Story” Exhibition, 1st edition, Iasi
2016 - Mixed Technique Award, Romanian Artists Union, Iasi Branch
2015 - The Grand Prize, the ”Aegyssus” Contemporary Art Biennial, 2nd edition, Tulcea
2012 - Prize for Decorative Art, „Timeless Rhythms” Exhibition, 3rd edition, UAP Iasi
2010 - „Bucharest Small Salon” (SMB4 mixed media), 4th edition, Art House, Bucharest
2006 -The Grand Prize, ”Ion Andreescu” Biennale of Fine Arts, Buzau
2004 - Prize for Decorative Art, ”Ion Andreescu” Biennial of Fine Arts, 5th edition, Buzau.
2002 - Prize and Medal awarded by ”St. Luca ” Foundation, Barlad, Vaslui
2001 - The Grand Prize and ”St. Luca” medal, ”The American Dream” Exhibition, Barlad, Vaslui
1998 - ”Innovative Magic” Award, National Biennial of Textile Miniature, 8th edition, Bucharest

Artistic activity (1985-2018):
38 personal exhibitions in Romania and abroad (Ramnicu Sarat, Buzau/Romania-2018, 1998; Iasi/Romania-2017/2018; Alba Iulia, Bistrita-Nasaud/Romania; Vienna/Austria-2017; Viens/France-2016; Bucharest/Romania-2017, 2016, 2015 (2), 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2007 (2), 1999, 1995, 1994; Rhode Island/USA-2014; Campulung Muscel/Romania-2011; Isili/Sardinia (Italy)-2010, 2008; Otopeni/Romania-2010; Siurgus Donigala/Sardinia (Italy)-2009; Geneva/Switzerland - 2009; Kyrenia/Cyprus - 2008; Craiova/Romania - 2008; Sibiu/Romania - 2007 (2); Slatina/Romania - 2007; Barlad /Romania - 2002; Bacau /Romania – 2009, 1994; 1985)
230 participations in national group exhibitions (national, municipal, biennial, triennial, quadrienale)
104 participations in international group exhibitions
250 artistic events, organized and curated, of national and international character