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Laurentiu MIDVICHI (b. 1979, Tulcea), visual artist specialized in painting. In 2002 he graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest, the mural art department, Professor Viorel Grimalschi’s class. Since 2003 he has been a member of the Romanian Artists Union. He has an important exhibition activity and works of the artist can be found in public and private collections in Romania (Art Collection of the Chamber of Deputies), Germany, Norway, Bulgaria, America, France, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Peru, Italy and Australia.

2002 - National University of Arts Bucharest, mural art department, Professor Viorel Grimalschi’s class

2003 - Member of the Romanian Artists Union

2015 - Special Prize, Aegyssus Contemporary Art Biennial, Tulcea Art Museum
2009 - Prize of "Art" Foundation Constanta, National Competition of Graphics "Traces and Signs - Clues of the Human Being"
2006 - Silver Medal, Arts and Culture 2006 "Ionut Catalin Florea", Salerno, Italy
1997 - Mention, National Olympiad of Arts, Galati
1997 - Special Prize for Graphics, "Constantin Gavenea" National Competition, Tulcea
1997 - 2nd Prize, Caricature Exhibition "Doctor seen by children", High School of Fine Art, Tulcea

Personal exhibitions:
2018 - "RETINARIUM", painting, Brancusi Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest
2017 - "IMAGO", painting, Art Gallery, Military Circle Palace, Bucharest
2017 - "Disclosure", painting, UNESCO Culture Center, Bucharest
2017 - "Organische Mechanismen", painting, FIVE PLUS Art Gallery, Vienna, Austria
2017 - "Unfinished walls", painting, Casa Bastion, Sfantu Gheorghe
2016 - "Artist to the Owls", La Doua Bufnite Library, Timisoara
2016 - "Distel Und Dornen", painting and graphics, CART-Gallery Pregarten, Linz, Austria
2015 - "STAGES", painting, Artis Gallery, Slatina
2014 - "STAGES", painting 2004-2014, Museum of Art Tulcea
2014 - "Dobrogea contrasts", Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest
2014 - "Stuck in the Labyrinth", painting exhibition, Hotel Select, Tulcea
2014 - "Fibras de silêncio", Romanian Cultural Institute, Lisbon
2013 - "Studies about blindness", painting, Millennium Gallery, Lisbon
2012 - "The Body in the Word", Painting Exhibition, Royal Casino Gallery in Sinaia
2012 - "Labyrinth", painting exhibition, Orizont Art Gallery, Bucharest
2011 - "Painting Exhibition", Art Gallery Transilvania, Brasov
2010 - "Painting Exhibition", Espaço Cultural Pedro Remy, Braga, Portugal
2010 - "Fibras de silêncio", Clube Literário do Porto, Portugal
2009 - "Painting Exhibition", Art Gallery, Hotel Silva, Busteni
2008 - "Painting Exhibition", Ana Galeria, Bucharest
2007 - "Nude, painting and drawing", Parliament Palace, Bucharest 2007 - "Painting Exhibition", Constanta Museum of Art
2005 - "Light and Colour", Parliament Palace, "Constantin Brancusi" Exhibition Hall, Bucharest

Group exhibitions (selection):
2018 - Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nicosia, Cyprus
2018 - Portraits of the Great Union, Palace of Culture, Iasi
2018 - Tulcea Fest, UAP art galleries, Tulcea
2018 - Graphic and Drawing Salon, UAP Galleries, Tulcea
2018 - National Small Art Salon, UAP Braila
2017 - National Art Salons ”Grounds”, Sleep and Dream, Bucharest
2017 - Graphic and Drawing Salon, UAP Galleries, Tulcea
2016 - "GP4", painting and graphics, Columb 10, Bucharest
2016 - Anniversary Exhibition - Dobrogea Day, UAP Galleries, Tulcea
2016 - National Art Salon, Autumn Edition, Parliament Palace, Bucharest
2016 - The National Salon of Medieval Art, National Library, Bucharest
2016 - Laureates of the National Salon of the Arts, Bucharest
2016 - ”Ion Lazar” Visual Arts Symposium, Bastion House, Sfantu Gheorghe, Covasna
2016 - "Marcel Chirnoaga's Laboratory", U Art Gallery, Bucharest
2016 - Open Windows, Danube from source to inflow, Ruse, Bulgaria
2016 - Missing Italy, painting, graphics, sculpture, Italian Institute in Bucharest
2016 - Graphic and Drawing Salon, UAP Galleries, Tulcea
2016 - "Danubius II" Interactive Contemporary Engraving Biennial, 2nd edition, 2016, Avramide House, Tulcea
2016 - National Biennial of Contemporary Art "Nicolae Tonitza" 1st edition, 2016, Birlad
2016 - The National Biennial of Contemporary Art "Gheorghe D. Anghel" 1st edition, 2016
2016 - Spring Salon, UAP Galleries, Tulcea
2015 - Bucharest Painting Salon, Center for Visual Arts
2015 - National Art Salon, Autumn Edition 2015, Parliament Palace, Bucharest
2015 - "Helter-skelter", Palace of the National Military Circle, Bucharest
2015 - Graphic and Drawing Salon, UAP Galleries, Tulcea
2015 - ”Aegyssus” Contemporary Art Biennial, Tulcea Art Museum
2015 - Spring Exhibition, 4th edition, Romanian Peasant Museum, Bucharest
2014 - "Masterpieces of Bucharest", ARCUB, Bucharest
2014 - "Maldaresti plein-air", Maldaresti Museum Complex, Valcea
2014 - "Romanian painters at Sozopol", 4th edition, Parliament Palace, Bucharest
2014 - "Tulcea Fest", UAP art galleries, Tulcea
2014 - Danubius Contemporary Engraving Biennial, Art Museum, Tulcea
2014 - "The Masks of the Poet", Graphic Exhibition, Fernando Pessoa House, Lisbon
2014 - International Art Fair, 5th Edition, The Tree of Life, The Palace Parliament, Exhibition Hall "Constantin Brancusi", Bucharest
2013 - Today's painters at Balchik, Elite Art Gallery, Bucharest
2012 - Unexpected mix of art works, Veroniki Gallery, Bucharest
2012 - "Greek Romanian Art Dialogue", painting - sculpture, Melenia Art Gallery, Bucharest
2011 - "Ladies and gentleman", painting, Melenia Art Gallery, Bucharest
2011 - "Whereto", Art Gallery, Military Circus Palace, Bucharest
2011 - Spring Salon, UAP Galleries, Tulcea
2010 - Painting exhibition, Melenia Art Gallery, Bucharest
2010 - "Mythos and ethos", Museum of Art, Tulcea
2010 - Spring Salon, UAP Galleries, Tulcea
2009 - "Balkanic Art Inspirations", National Cotroceni Museum, Bucharest
2009 - The National Competition of Graphics "Traces and Signs – Clues of the Human Being", Tulcea Art Museum
2007 - Group exhibition, Aripa Gallery, Turin, Italy
2006 - "Nude", "Orizont" Gallery, Bucharest
2006 - "The Magic of Water", Occident Gallery, Bucharest
2005 - "Aqua", Painting and sculpture (together with plastic artist Eugen Ilina), Romanian Navy Museum, Constanta
2004 - "Young Artists' Salon", Art Museum, Tulcea
2004 - "Far East", Photography and Painting Camp, Sulina 2004 - "Accents and prints", Artis Gallery, Bucharest
2003 - "Spring Salon", UAP Galleries, Tulcea
2002 - "Winter Salon", UAP Tulcea, "House of Books" Galleries, Tulcea
2001 - "Atelier 35", Painting Exhibition, Constanta
1999 - "Creativity for Charity", Tempo Advertising, Bucharest

Artist-in-residence programs:
Balcic, Sozopol (Bulgaria), Maldaresti, Brezoi, Domeniile Ostrov, Straja, Arcus, Harman, Cheile Aiudului, Buzias (Romania)