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Lucian BUTUCARIU (born 1958, Bacau), visual artist specialized in glass. In 1982, he graduated from the Fine Arts Institute “Nicolae Grigorescu”, Bucharest, with a major in Glass. In 2002 he received the Romanian Union of Visual Artists Award for the Fire Arts. Doctor in Visual Art since 2007. He is the Director of the Ceramics, Glass, Metal Department at the National University of Arts Bucharest.


The High school of Visual Arts and Music “Octav Bancila’’, Iasi. Profile: Human/Visual Arts, 1977 Class Promotion, General Exam Degree: 8.80

The Fine Arts Institute “Nicolae Grigorescu’’, Bucharest, 1982 Class Promotion, glass specialization, professor Dan Popovici and Ioan Lucia. Master Degree in Decorative Arts, industrial forms, Ceramic-Glass-Metal, specialization: glass. Diploma’s Exam Degree: 10

Master in Visual Arts, Project paper: “Colour, the way of visual expression in artistical glass work’’

Affiliates and Professional activities

1982 - Starts his first collaboration in the glass industry, at the “Avrig and Stirom” Glass Factory; his creations were sold in Romania and other countries.

1990 - Assistant professor and in 1994 University Lecturer of the Bucharest University of Arts, Faculty of Decorative art and Design, Department of Ceramic, Glass, Metal

2011 - Director of the Department of Ceramic, Glass, Metal

Metal inside of the Faculty of Decorative art and Design

2012 - Lecturer of the Bucharest National University of Arts, Faculty of Decorative Art and Design, Department of Ceramic, Glass, Metal

- Leader of the bachelor study programm, contribution at study programm ellaboration, member of the Student Evaluation Commission, Admission Committee and Evaluation Commission at the contests for the assistant and university lecturer

1990 - Member of the Romanian Visual Artists Union and leader of the Management Office at Bucharest Decorative Arts Branch. Member in different contest commissions. He has been part of the organisers at different exhibitions, like : “Glass Art Opening”, “Arts Fire”, “Recipients’’ , “Winter Art Opening”, “Decorative Art Biennial” and he organized exhibitions for bachelor and master’s degree for the students from Ceramic- Glass-Metal Department.

2011 - President of the Bucharest Decorative Art Branch of the Romanian Visual Artists Union

1982 – Participates at almost all the glass artwork exhibitions organized by the Romanian Visual Artist Union

Personal Exhibitions

1983 - “Studio 35”, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

1989 - Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

1991 - Galateea Gallery, Bucharest

1991 - Aspekte Gallery, Waibstadt, Germany

1996 - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

1997 - The Gallery of the Romanian Culture and Humanistics Research Institute- Venice, Italy

2002 - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2006 - Grancy Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland

2006 – Exhibition organized in collaboration with the Romanian Embassy in Greece for Romania’s National Day, Grand Bretagne Hotel -Athens, Greece

2012 - “Delusions’’ Exhibition- Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2012 - “Brancoveanu’s Establishments’’, The Room of Curiosities, Mogosoaia

Exhibitions in foreign countries

1988 - International Glass Exhibition, Kanazawa, Japan

1989 - Romanian Art Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

1990 - International Glass Exhibition, Kanazawa, Japan

1991 - International Glass Exhibition, Biot, France

1992 - “Reflections on creation. Today’s Art in Romania Exhibition, Luxembourg Municipal Theatre, Luxembourg

2000 - Universal Exhibition, Romanian Pavilion of Art, Hanovra

2008 - “2008 Glass Context”, Bornholm, Denmark

2009 - “09 Series”, Eskisehir, Turkey

2010 - “Glasplastik und Garten” Exhibition, Munster, Germany

2013 - International Glass Exhibition, Kanazawa, Japan

2013 - “ Glasplastik und Garten” Exhibition, Munster, Germany

2014 - “2014 Glass Exhibition” , Craiova, Romania

2014 - European Glass Festival, Wrocław, Poland

2015 - “Animal Planet” - Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland

Decorative glass objects with Lucian Butucariu’s signature. These artworks are making part of private collections in Romania and foreign countries.

Some of his arworks were exposed at the Museum of Glass in Ebeidoft, Danmark and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Eskisehir, Turkey.

Monumental Artwork – Coloured Glass Windows

1992 - “Cetate” Restaurant - Brasov

1988 - Mother of Mary Dormition Church - Roman

1993 - Agricola Bank - Craiova

1995 - Orthodox Church - Baciu, Cluj

1995 - Silver Knife Church – Bucharest

1997 - Magura Monastery – Bacau

1999 - Episcopal Church – Husi

2003 - 2006 - Colective Artworks, Metropolitan Church from Iasi

2005 - 2006 - Colective Artworks, Greek-Catholic Church, Satu Mare

2009 - Orthodox Chapel of the Economic Studies Academy of Bucharest

2009 - Stair House of The Ministry of Education

Coloured glass windows made on private properties and houses from Bucharest.


2nd Place - Award given by Visual Artists Union at the Glass and Fine Ceramic Art Opening- Museum Of Art, Bucharest

1st Place - Award given by Visual Artists Union at the Fire Arts Saloon, Bucharest (2002)