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Mircea NECHITA (b. 1963, Targu Lapus), visual artist specialized in painting, graphic arts and glass. Between 1993-2000 he got his bachelor and master degree at the National University of Arts Bucharest. Since 2000 he has been a member of the Romanian Artist Union. Starting with 1999, Mircea Nechita has had numerous exhibitions in the country and abroad. Works signed by the artist can be found in private and public collections.

1993-2000 - BA and MA in Fine Arts, National University of Arts Bucharest, Professors: Mircea Dumitrescu, Nistor Coita, Marcel Bunea, Niculaita Secrieriu
2000 - Member of the Union of Fine Artists from Romania, Bucharest branch, graphics section

Personal exhibitions:
2018 - Pasaj I Gallery, Ramnicu Valcea, painting and graphics
2018 - Luceafarul Gallery, Mihai Eminescu Cultural Center, Bucharest, "Reverberations"
2018 - Luceafarul Gallery, Mihai Eminescu Cultural Center, Bucharest, "3 in 1"; 1. Exhibition of painting, graphics, engraving, drawing. 2. Release the album, "Mircea Nechita, The Road to Art-Survival in Art". 3. Retrospective exhibition of the "900 + engravings" exceeding the number of 900 engravings in different techniques
2017 - EriCrisArt Gallery, Bucharest, "Ars longa, exposit brevis", painting, graphics, engraving, object
2017 - Art Gallery 2, "Mihai Eminescu" Cultural Center, Bucharest, "Artistic Barn-Recolta 2017"
2016 - EriCrisArt Gallery, Bucharest, "Disposable exhibition", painting, graphics, engraving, object
2016 - Romanian Cultural Institute, Bucharest, engraving and bibliophile engraving for book illustration
2016 - Consulate General of Romania in Dubai, painting, graphics, engraving, decorated wooden objects
2015 - Dignitas Art Gallery, Bucharest, "Art on everyday life", painting, graphics, object
2014 - Mitti Studio, Milan, Italy, engraved schlagmetal, engraved glass, engraving
2014 - Constanta Art Museum, painting and graphics
2013 - Prahova County Museum "Ion Ionescu-Quintus", painting, graphics, engraving
2011 – Targu Lapus House of Culture, Event on the project "On the Lese’s roads"
2011 - Melenia Gallery, Bucuresti , "Complementarities of shape and color", together with Mirela Iordache
2010 - Baia Mare Art Gallery, "Reinforcement", painting, graphics, engraving
2009 - La Scena Gallery, Bucharest, "Exposure Study", handmade engraving
2007 - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest - "This year's exhibition", painting, graphics, engraving
2007 - Art Galleries, Hunedoara, painting, graphics, engraving
2005 - Euterpe Gallery, Bucharest, "Dreams, Stories, Imaginations", painting, graphics, engraving, drawing, object
2005 - Orizont Gallery, Bucharest - "I Expose, I do exist", painting, graphics, engraving, drawing
2004 - House of Art Gallery, Bucharest - "2004, Year of Unemployment", graphics, engraving, drawing
2004 - Cozia Gallery, Hamme, Belgium - engraving, object
2004 - Art Galleries, Ramnicu Valcea, painting, graphics, engraving, object
2003 - Roman Cultural Center, Vienna, engraving, object
2003 - The National Commission of Romania at UNESCO, Bucharest ,, Flowers, pretext or motive ", painting, graphics
2002 - Art Jazz Club Gallery, Bucharest - "Liquors of loneliness", object, engraved or painted glass
2001 - Art Galleries, Ramnicu Valcea - "Stories from Lapus Country", engraving
1999 - Museum of Romanian Literature, Bucharest, engraving and bibliophile book

International exhibitions:
2009 - Louvre, Paris, UNESCO Sites, "Eglises fortifiees de Transilvanie"
2007 - Venice, the Romanian Institute of Humanistic Research
2006 - Utrecht, The Netherlands "Eastern Neighbors", Belgium / WitteMerel Gallery, Lint, Cozia Gallery, Hamme
2005 - Kruishoatem, Belgium / Cadaques, Spain
2004 - Kochi, Japan / SintNiklaas, Belgium
2003 - Belgrade-European Biennale of Ex Libris, Fermignano, Italy - Fabio Bertoni International Engraving Award, AquiTherme, Italy-Engraving International Biennial, Museum Arterra, Berndorf, Austria, Prague, Embassy of Romania, Warsaw, Embassy of Romania
2001 - Cadaques, Spain, Evora, Portugal
1999 - Venice Cultural Institute of Rome

Group exhibitions (selection):
2018 - Art House Gallery, Bucharest
2017 - Simeza Gallery / House of Art Gallery / Parliament Palace, Bucharest
2015 - Constanta Art Gallery
2011-2012 - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, Engraving and Sculpture Salon and Municipal Salon
2011 - The Romanian Peasant Museum, painting
2010 - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, "House "
2009 - Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, "Horses"
2008 - Simeza Gallery, Bucharest, "Floral Ipostases"
1999-2003 - Municipal Salon,
2003 - Apollo Gallery, Bucharest, Engraving International Salon
2002 - H.A.G. Bucharest, Galateca Gallery, Bucharest
2001-2004 - Tulcea Art Museum, C. Gavenea Memorial
1999-2000 - Ploiesti Art Museum, Iosif Iser International Biennale
2000-2004 - International Small Engraving Saloon, Carbunari,
2000 - Galleries 3/4 floor, Bucharest National Theater, "Celluloid Engraving-Technical Study"
1999-2000 - Apollo Gallery, TNB, "Accents"