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Misha DIACONU (born 1981, Galati), metal artist. In 2004 graduated from the Bucharest National University of Arts, metal specialization. Since 2009 she is a member of Visual Artists Union. Her artworks are part of private collections and public collections in Bucharest, and abroad.




1996-2000 - „Dimitrie Cucin” Art High School, ceramic section, Galati

2000-2004 - Bucharest National University of Arts, Faculty of Decoratives Arts and Design, class of the Prof.Univ.Conf.Dr. Bogdan Hojbota


Since 2009 - Member of Romanian Visual Artists Union.

Personal Exhibitions

2014 - „Spirit and Matter” Metal Exhibition, Curator Alex Toader, Plastilina Gallery, Bucharest

2013 - „Sketches”, mixt graphic technique, Salzburg, Austria. European Academy of Arts and Science

2013 - „Spirit and Matter” Metal Exhibition, Curator Alice Barb, exhibition organized inside of the „Performance Galla’s Event, Romanian Atheneum, Bucharest

January 2013 - „Spirit and Matter” Metal Exhibition, curatori Alex & Andrei Toader, Galeria Imbold, Bucuresti

July 2013 - „Broken Hearts Orchestra”, metal/assemblage, Curator Mihai Plamadeala, Cultural Center

Brancoveanu Palaces, Mogosoaia, Foisor Room

Group Exhibitions

2015 - „SteampunkerNew Media&Digital Art Show”, Stirbey Palace, Bucharest

2015 - „Continuity in the Fire Arts”, Ceramic Glass Metal, Art Yourself Gallery, Bucharest

2014 - „The Hug”, Imbold Gallery, Bucharest

2014 - „Shorts UP”, Imbold POPUP Gallery, Patria Cinema, Bucharest

2014 - „The Iron Sin”, Imbold Galerry, Bucharest

2014 - „How is Penelopa?”, Museum of Art, Cluj Napoca

204 - „NAG Event”, Imbold Gallery, Bucharest

2013 - „Optimixed Bucharest”, Imbold Gallery, Bucharest

2013 - „Metal’s Saloon”, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

2013 - „The Gathering 2”, Imbold Gallery, Bucharest

2013 „Red Bull Curates Romania”, The Canvas Cooler Project, Curator Cosmin Nasui, Bucharest

2013 - „Debris”, NAG Event, Home Matasari Gallery, Bucharest

2012 - „The Gathering”, Imbold Gallery, Bucharest

2012 - „The Metal”, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

2012 - The Art Decorative Biennale, Constantin Brancusi Room, The Parliament Palace, Bucharest

2012 - „Red Bull Art of Can meets Filature Collective, NAG event, Production Studio Gallery

2015 - 1016 ”Shaping music” - metal, The Art of Living Gallery, Bucharest

2012 „Human Evolution/Involution”, The Old Courtyard Voivode's Mansion, Bucharest

2011 - ”National Decoratives Art Exhibition”, The National Cotroceni Museum, Bucharest

2011- ”The Metal”, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

2011 - ”How is Penelope?”, Museum of Art, Cluj

2010 - ”Reference points in romanian visual art”, Simeza Gallery, Bucharest

2004 - ”The National University of Art’s Graduates Exhibition”, ¾ Gallery, Bucharest National Theatre

2002 - „Student Art”, Museum of Visual Art, Galati

2002 - ”Metal Art Opening”, Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

2001 - ”The Graduates Exhibition, Visual Art Centre, Bucharest

2001 - ”Student Art”, Museum of Visual Art, Galati

Creative Camps

2014 - ”CUCA” Cartisoara (Sibiu)

2013 - ”Sculpture of the third Millennium Symposium”, Curator Bogdan Severin Hojbota, Art’s Home Cultural Centre

2008 - ”Art as life“, International Art Symposium, Museum of Visual Art, Galati


2013 - Salzburg, Graphics and Painting, in collaboration with the Brancoveanu Palaces Cutural Center, Mogosoaia and Romanian Cultural Institute from Viena.

Artwork in public spaces

- Brancoveanu Palaces Cutural Center, Mogosoaia

- Titan Park, district 3, Bucharest

- Imbold Gallery

- Production Studio Gallery

- Metropolis Theatre

- Idelier, Bucharest

- Museum of Visual Art, Galati

Artworks in Private collections


Bucharest, Romania

La Coruna, Spain


Bochum, Germany