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Răzvan VASILESCU (b. 1977, Giurgiu), visual artist specialisatized in fashion design. In 2000 he graduated from the National University of Arts Bucharest and since 2005 is a junior lecturer at the Fashion design department, within the same institution. He co-authored the publications "FASHION Research Art Industry" and "FASHION Study Experiment Creation".

2010 – PhD in Visual Arts, National University of Arts Bucharest
2002 - Master Degree, National University of Arts Bucharest
2000 - National Art University of Bucharest

Junior lecturer at the National Art University of Bucharest, Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design, Fashion

Personal exhibitions:
1996 - Searches
1999 - F / FWD >>
2000 - Frankenstein Couture
2001 - Error Couture
2003 - Step 100%
2009 - Mister Genosse
2011 - Airport

FASHION Research Art Industry, ISBN 978-973-1922-82-9
FASHION Study Experiment Creation, ISBN- 978-606-8296-36-4