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 Alina Bacila (born in 1981, Bucharest), plastic artist with specialization in glass-metal-jewelry. In 2004 she graduated from The University of Art, Bucharest, with double specialization: glass and metal. Since 2000 she is a Member of Romanian Visual Artists Union. In 2003 she received the Plastic Artists Union Award for the Fire Arts and the Biennial Fire Arts Award, in 2004. In 2015 she created the jewelries offered to the winners of George Enescu International Festival at the Ravello Festival in Italy.


Education and Qualification

University of Arts, Bucharest

Faculty of Decorative Arts and Design- Graduation degree: 10

Double specialization: Glass - Metal Work

Art Degree in glass

Vocational Certificate: Technician in mural painting, Ministry of National Education

High School of Plastic Arts- “N. Tonitza”, Bucharest


Since 2000 - Member of the Romanian Visual Artists Union

Since 2002 - Member of the Plastic Fund

Professional Activity

2015 - Jewelry and Personal Painting Exhibition, Sax Gallery, Cluj Napoca

2015 - Jewelry Exhibition, Italy, Rome

2015 - “Dance Room”, Jewelry and painting Exhibition

2015 - Happy Run Race for the cancer Event, Renaissance Foundation

2015 - created the jewelries offered to the winners of George Enescu International Festival- Ravello Festival, Italy.

2013 - Biennial Art Exhibition

2013 - “The Kingdom”, Group Exhibition- Hilton Hotel, Bucharest

2012 - “The Kingdom”. Group Exhibition- jewelry Alina Bancila, sculpture Mihai Bancila, graphic Ion Puican- Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

Jewelry Exhibition, Geneva - Switzerland

2012 - Participant at the European Glass Context, Danmark

2012 - Participant at the “Wave” Painting Exhibit, special guests Alina Bancila and Dan Bancila- Tempo Hotel, Bucharest

2012 - Participant at “Author 8”, Jewelry Fair - Dalles Room, Bucharest

2012 - Participant at “Author 7”, Jewelry Fair

2011 - Romanian Designers Fair- Marche De Noel

2011 - “ DECOnventional” Event - Carturesti

2011 - “Author 6”- “ The Imaginarium Land of A” Collection

2011 - “Red Bull Art of Can” Exhibition - expose artist

2011 - ‘Itami International Craft Exhibition” – theme jewelry –Itami,Japan

2011 - “Author” Event - Bucharest

2011 - Participant at the“Margaritare pentru copii” Charity event

2011 - Participant at the Gl’amore Event participation, Bucharest

2010 - Marche de Noel exhibition - The Ark

2010 - Jewelry Exhibition, Geneva - Switzerland

2010 - Participant at the Charity event , Cantacuzino Palace - Busteni

2010 - “Wonderland” jewelry exhibition - Bucharest

2010 - Participant at “Author 4” Jewelry Exhibition – Dalles Hall, Bucharest

2010 - “The Kingdom” Group Exhibition – Hilton Hotel, Bucharest

2010 - Participant at “Author 3” Jewelry Exhibition - Dalles Hall, Bucharest

2009 - “The Kingdom”. Group Exhibition- jewelry Alina Bancila, sculpture Mihai Bancila, graphic Ion Puican- Orizont Gallery, Bucharest

2009 - “Gothic Opportunity” Personal Exhibition, Vila Arte-Boutique Hotel, Bucharest

2009 - Participant at the Jewelry exhibition , The Ark, Bucharest

2009 - Participant at “Author 2” Jewelry Exhibition - French institute, Bucharest

2009 - Participant at the “Watumi Fringe Festival”, International Festival, Brasov

2008 - Participant at the “Easy Fair- objects that are about to dissapear” The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant

2008 - Participant at “Author” Jewelry Fair – Carturesi, Bucharest

2008 - Participant at the “Armenian Connections” Exhibition, Orizont Gallery

2008 - Participant at Cer-Glass Exhibition, Romexpo, Bucharest

2007 - Painting and digital art Exhibition, Bucharest Financial Plaza, Bucharest

2007 - Exhibition participation. Young@Arts is exposing at the Crystal Ball of the Royal House of Romania. A charity event organized every year during the Christmas time.

2007 - Special award in the area of visual arts received at the gala “ Successful women of the year 2007”

2007 - “Expo Group”, group exhibition - Caminul Artei

2007 - Decorative and Visual Art Exhibition organized by Youth@Arts at the musical recital of Cristian Badu “Regasiri”

Contribution with the decorations at a tv show “The Mission: House”

Participant at George Enescu International Festival the 8th edition

2007 - Decorative and visual art Exhibition, painting-sculpture-tapestry-glass

2007 - Decorative Art National Hall Exhibition, 8th edition

2007 - “Alina Bancila- Collages” Exhibit, Orizont Gallery

Participant at “Glass Hall” Exhibition - Bucharest

Personal Exhibition - “Caminul Artei”- Bucharest

Designer - D.M.D Design Company

Designer - Streamline Communications

Quality Management Representative - Streamline Communications

2003 - Participant and organizer at the “Recipients” Exhibition

2002, 2003, 2004 - Participant at “Glass Hall” Exhibition

Scholarships and Awards

Visual Artists Union Scholarship

Biennial Fire Arts Award 2003

Plastic Artists Union Award for the Fire 2003